Ghosts, Psychics and New Age Sources in GreenBay

Ghosts, Psychics and New Age Sources in GreenBay

Greenbay, Wisconsin has several interesting psychic  attractions that make it a vibrant New Age community complete with astrologers,  Tarot card readers and spirit channelers.   There are many Psychic and New Age stores in the region including Regina  7 Pillars which is a store that sells astrology, crystal stone, numerology and  soul card readings.  Another great place  is True Essence Aura and Chakra Photography which takes pictures of your aura  with a special camera that captures your vibrations.

  There are also several Zen Centers and Reiki communities in  the Greenbay area including the Still Point Zen Center that teaches Diamond  Path style occultism and Rainbow Woman Reiki and Golden Light that offers  psychic healing through touch.

  Two local societies, the Paraquest Paranormal and Seven  Hills Paranormal get together every Spring to hold a conference that offers  interesting reflections on ghostly and spiritual matters.

  Greenbay offers ghost tours for those interested in  investigating the paranormal. You can go inside the many haunted turn of the  century buildings that are so much part of the landscape of downtown Green Bay.

  One of the most haunted places in Green Bay is the Fort  Howard Hospital in Heritage Hall State Park. Many panicked individuals have run  from the site after feeling that they were being watched by an evil gentility.

  Green Bay is also home to a haunted creek called Barids  Creek where the ghosts of laughing children have been spotted in the creek. One  o the oldest cemeteries in Wisconsin are on West Shirley Road. A pale green  globe in this cemetery has been said to follow people home.

  Every fall the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay offers a  psychic fair even where students and locals go to get a reading from psychic  mediums or palm readers.

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